14 July, 2018

Consiglio - July 2nd

Avanti - sempre avanti!

As we move forward in the mission there is 
a continual change.
We are very unlike a jar with spare coins
that sits and collects until it is filled.  
We are a garden plant.

We have a tomato plant that is beginning to bear fruit.
It sits on the back patio trying to eek out
it's share of the sun.
Soon we will harvest our first fruit.
Then more will mature and turn color. 
Those will be harvested as well. 
Ever changing - ever fruitful.
Just like a mission.

Isn't it great?

Here is our current consiglio group.

Anziani - Halterman, Baker, McCuen, Johnson, Calton, Simkins, Ross, Ochs, (President Allen) Haws, Kjar, Montalto (AP) Christenstn, Laudert (AP) Gilette, Douglas, Hendry
Sorelle - Mineer, Bowthorpe, Ewing, Dean, Dawson, Henderson, Tafur, (Sorella Allen) Berrey, Santoro, Pacheco, Epps, Pope, Button, Dominguez

We talked about increasing the spirituality of the mission.
If we learn to rely on the Spirit 
the Spirit will learn to rely on us.
We certainly cannot do this work without him.

We are grateful and humble to serve Jesus Christ.

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