28 July, 2018

July Zone Conferences - 2018

There is always a row to hoe.
Always a weed to pull.
Always some gloves to wear to get it done.

"For behold, the field is white already to harvest; and lo, 
he that thrusters in his sickle with all his might, the same layeth up in store
that he perished not, but bringeth salvation to his soul;"
~D&C 4:4~

Welcome to the Family Farm...
The Milano Mission Family Farm

There is a lot of work needs to be done 
and every single family member is needed.
Every . Single . One

We welcome to our July 2018 Zone Conferences!
Our theme was, 
Increasing Spirituality.
Word-on-the-street says it was the "best yet".
Time will tell.

Pictures of our Zones:

~Genova Zone~
 Front to Back,  L-R
Sorelle - Bowthorpe (STL), Dominguez (STL), Parker, Dent, (Sorella Allen) Graver, Spencer, Michelini
Anziani - *Dalton (ZL), Gleave, Aglaure, Lombardi, Bona, Austin, Moody, (President Allen) Larsen, Elwood, Simkins (ZL), Johnson, Michelini, Giles, Abplanalp
*Jackson, Fisher, Thomas, Ariante, Moss, Shill, Hepner

~Toscana Zone~
 Front to Back,  L-R
Sorelle - Shumaker, DeAngelis, Cheney, Anderson, Williams, Delle Foglie, Snow, (Sorella Allen) Mitchell (STL), Dean (STL), Frandsen, Devonas, Evans, Ringo
Anziani - *Shumaker, Ruiz, Mcewen, Sanchez, Garofolo, Hendry (ZL), Goold, (President Allen) Davey, Wilson, Harrison, Workman, Walker, Wood,
*Christensen, Gillette (ZL), Cuthbert, Gomez, Nogues, Marte, Van Natta, Wilks, 

~Venezia Zone~
 Sorelle - Bodily, Ewing, Dawson (STL), (Sorella Allen) Trevor, Mays, Haisman, Okimoto
Anziani - Burkert, Paskett, Nordgran, Hatt, Haws (ZL), Kjar (ZL) Hackanson, (President Allen) Peterson, Johnson, Rappleye, Dixon, Garner, Okimoto.

~Milano Est~
Sorelle - Pacheco (STL), Epps (STL), Sharp, Button (Sorella Allen) Nelson, Cafagno, Russo
Anziani - Crowther, McCuen, Eusebi, Welch, Cutgrinelli, Johnson (ZL), (President Allen) Castillejos, Bowden, Miller, Melchin, Cedeno, Russo

~Bologna Zone~
 Sorelle - Johnson, Stepherson, Santoro (STL), Berrey (STL), (Sorella Allen) Walker, Stanton, Johnson, Larson, Griffiths
Anziani - Davidson, Douglas (ZL) Giles, Stratton, (President Allen) Young, Halterman (ZL), Ruger, Schow, Tenney, Griffiths

~Milano Ovest~
 Sorelle - Stimpson, Reeder, Pearson, Nelson, Roderer, Boome, (Sorella Allen) Mason, Henderson (STL), Taufe (STL), Stolk, Henson, Peterson
Anziani - Montalto (AP) Rios, McKinstry, Traeden, Ochs (ZL), Christensen (ZL), (President Allen)
Blom, Russbuelt, Heidemann, Laudert (AP) Tumblin, Llerena

~Office Anziani~
 Anziano Favro, (Sorella Allen) Anziano Leavitt
(President Allen)
(The Office Anziani were kind enough to take the previous picture and had to miss
being part of their own zone trainings to meet responsibilities
so we chose to give them their own picture. We appreciate all they do.)

~Verona Zone~
Sorelle - Merl, Riley, Pope (STL), Button (STL), (Sorella Allen) Miller, Flores, McConkie, Ashcraft, Neilson,
Anziani - Cako, Beaujeau, Rogers, O'Riordan, Kewene-Hite, Wilson, (President Allen) Baker (ZL), Ewell, Wright, Ross (ZL), Elliott, Tingey, Neilson

What wonderful missionaries we serve with!

After each conference opening President took time to introduce the theme.
D&C 107:99,100
"Let every man learn his duty that he may stand blameless before God."
Three spirit-boosting things to focus on this transfer:
1-Listen to only sacred music this transfer, but do listen every day.
2-Write a meaningful testimony and send it to your family.
3-Pray nightly as a companionship.

Samples from our conferences.
We are sorry there are not more pictures!
There will never be enough pictures.

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