15 August, 2018

Consiglio - Mission Leadership Training August 2018

We appreciate our Mission Leadership.
This meeting is called "Consiglio"
The words means "counsel".
We enjoy trainings and then we discuss matters regarding
missionaries under our stewardship.
This is a very big responsibility that we take seriously.
We are called to serve as the Savior did.

In Matthew 4:9 the Savior said,
"Follow me"  and "I will make you fishers of men".

We try to be Christlike examples for our fellow missionaries to follow 
as well as striving to improve our "fishing skills".  
It is not easy, but the secret to being like the Savior is
ministering ... with love.

 L-R Sorelle - Dawson, Johnson, Pacheco, Epps, Pearson, Dean, Ewing, (Sorella Allen) 
Dominguez, Walker, Tafur, Santoro, Stolk, Button, Boome
L-R Anziani - Montalto (AP) Douglas, Halterman, Rogers, Wilson, McCuen, Ochs, Hendry, (Pres Allen) Heidemann, Kjar, Haws, Ross, Tenney, Calton, Christensen

Special thanks to la Coppia Russo for preparing our lunch.
Taco salad and cornbread is always a hit!

Here in Italy, laundry is hung out for all to see. 
We want to keep ours "viewable".
Above are the many ways we can minister in our stewardships.
We are like a clothespin ... if you squeeze on side you squeeze the other.  
A broken clothespin will not work.
We are one end - the Savior is the other.
Squeezed together we can hang our laundry and keep things clean and drying.
Our mission is going to look and smell very fresh!

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