18 September, 2018

Ci Vediamo - the Okimoto Couple Go Home

Time flies by so very quickly on a mission.  
The cliche "it seems like only yesterday"
applies constantly.
We have just received this bubbly, energetic and generous couple
not so long ago, and now it is time
for them to go back to Utah.
They worked hard with both the Italian ward
and military ward in Vicenza.

Family back home certainly are glad to see them.
THIS family "back home" misses them.

Ci vediamo!
(see you again)

Thank you - thank you!


  1. Sorella Okimoto and I arrived home safely and just had a wonderful homecoming at our Stake Center Chapel. We were so fortunate to have Sorelle Casalino, Arkell, Clark and Tullis with her husband come to our homecoming to welcome us home. They are "Ohana" or family to us. We want to extend our "Warmest Alohas" and "Grazie Mille" to everyone in the Italy Milan Mission who we love very much especially, the young missionaries we served with. Their faith, devotion, obedience and commitment to our Savior and His Work in Italy were inspiring to us. We also want to thank the many senior missionaries we befriended on senior outings who we came to love and extend our "Tanti Auguri" to them. Lastly but not the least, we want to thank Presidente and Sorella Allen for their love, devotion to their Callings and leadership as we served the eighteen months in Vicenza. We love you Presidente and Sorella! As we say in Hawaii "Aloha Oe - Until We Meet Again! Ciao, Ciao from Sandy, Utah! Fratello and Sorella Okimoto!

  2. So wonderful to hear from you! Thank you for ALL you did! You cheerfully blessed all you came in contact with. Likely something you always do wherever you are ... blessing others. We are glad to have enjoyed so many months with you. You are part of the Milan Missionary Family... forever. Thank you for your great service!
    Ci Vediamo e' vi voglio bene. Presidente e' Sorella Allen