13 December, 2018

Heading for Home

In earth life 
very beginning has an ending...
that creates a new beginning.
They are hard.

We send home a wonderful group of missionaries.
Here are some photos of their last moments here.
I always wish parents could hear their lively table chatter
and then enjoy their closing mission testimonies.
You would be humbled, strengthened and proud.

Back to front -
Anziani - Laudert, Petruzziello. Moody, Stratton, Beaujeau, Rogers, Goold,
Traeden, Leavitt
Sorelle - Stolk, Dawson (Pres & Sorella Allen) Epps, Johnson

They are great!

I don't usually post the following
but... we had fun with them this evening.
You can call this...
"The rest of the story".

These pictures are ode to the big Italian in the center who has 
open-mouthed-peered into random space during our pictures
more often than not. 
Of course - in his perfect sense of humor - he is not doing that here.
Of course....

Snaps of them leaving the next very early morning...

Ci vediamo Anziani e' Sorelle!
Buon Natale!

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