23 December, 2018

Senior Couples Christmas Conference

Christmas in Italy!
There is cultural wonder everywhere
and we enjoy
spending time with our Senior Couples
eating - shopping - site seeing
mostly just getting to know each other.

We appreciate each one of them so greatly!

We welcomed them to the mission home
to enjoy the decorations and a hearty lunch.

The Seniors gather.
I do not know how this mission would run without them.
They are truly indispensable!
We are grateful for their sacrifices to be here.
The missionaries love them.
(We are missing Sorella Griffiths and the Gales.  Both had family conflicts.)

Around the table clockwise... Sorella Allen, Anziano & Sorella Keefer, Sorella & Anziano Russo, Anziano Griffiths, Sorella & Anziano Michelini, Anziano & Sorella Nielson, Sorella and Anziano Thorstrom. (Photo cred - President Allen)

  After a luscious lunch of salad, minestrone soup and apple fritter with gelato
we took the metro in to see Duomo di Milano.

Christmas booths at Como

Crooked NH Hotel on our way in to RHO Fiera

Booths in RHO

We ended our day with a fireside in the Lampugnano chapel.

Our special thanks to all who serve here!

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