14 January, 2018

Arriviamo Tutti!

We welcome a new group of
wonderful Milano Missionaries!
Seven Sorelle and two Anziani.
They are grateful to be here and we are grateful
they have come.
This is a time of sacrifice....
definition - to make sacred.
Their mission experience will bless them,
and those they are able to bring unto
the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Anziani Garner, Ruiz - Sorelle Tafur, Meryl, Anderson, Simpson, Dominguez, Miller, DeAngelis

On to "metro finding" as we head to Duomo.

Dinner at the Mission Home.

The next day... the match.
Welcome - Sorella DeAngelis
Trainer - Sorella Santoro
Serving in Treviso

 Welcome - Anziano Garner
Trainer - Anziano Ross
Serving in Vercelli

Welcome - Sorella Anderson
Trainer - Sorella Dawson
Serving in Piacenza

 Welcome - Anziano Rios
Trainer - Anziano Gleave
Serving in Lampugnano

 Welcome - Sorella Merl
Trainer - Sorella Kopischke
Serving in Lugano

Welcome - Sorella Miller
Trainer - Sorella Henson
Serving in Rimini

Welcome - Sorella Dominquez
Trainer - Sorella Vaderkooi
Serving in Montevarchi

Welcome - Sorella Tafur
Trainer - Sorella Hoareau
Serving in Vicenza

Welcome - Sorella Simpson
Trainer - Sorella Bowthorpe
Serving in Brescia

Lunch... then on their way...

Ci vediamo!
God be with you.
We will see you soon!

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