30 January, 2019

Consiglio - February 2019

We meet the first of every transfer with the current leadership 
of the Milan Mission
and discuss many important things
pertaining to this sacred work.
What a privilege to serve together!
The agenda - to be posted at the end - will not
reveal all the treasures of knowledge
or pearls of wisdom that were offered.
It was a good meeting.
Presidente Botta was not able to attend and he was missed.
We plan to focus on area book training to make them 
function more usefully.
We plan to plan.  
We also plan to put those plans in action to reach our goals.
We plan to go forth in faith and do our best.
Our mission culture is doing well.

 STL's - Williams, Button, Henderson, Simpson (Slla Allen) Parker, Merl, Snow, Reeder
ZL's - Kjar (AP) Wilks, Halterman (AP) Welch, Tenney, Cako, Rios (Pres Allen) McKinstry, Russbuelt, Wright, Moss, Favro, Bona, Abplanalp, Nordgran

Two important missionary tools...
 Preach My Gospel
The Scriptures.

The following pictures are of an object lesson emphasizing the importance of planning.

 We put all our energy (air) into our mission balloons...
 ...faith, prayer, study, commitment, sacrifice, desire to baptize, etc....

 With our balloons filled to the brim, we are now ready to reach our goals... 
and we have many goals...
mission, zone, district, companionship, and personal.

 We see our goals.  They are in our sights.
We take aim!
 We let go of our balloons filled with missionary energy!

 Our desires and efforts fly around the room!

Only one balloon even came close...

 ...just because there wasn't a plan.
We took time to study about setting goals
and the importance of planning in PMG.

We want our plans blessed to receive heavenly help.

Enter - the plan...
 A string, straw and tape.
President holds one end of the string with the Mission Goals

 We attach our efforts (balloon) to the straw (PMG) with tape (our "stick-to-it")
thread the line through the end of the straw...

 And let go!

 Our goals are reached!!
All we needed to prayerfully add was THE PLAN!
(and then prayerfully DO it!)

Time for Pranzo!

Special thanks to the Anziano and Sorella Russo's for fixing our delicious lunch!

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