22 January, 2019

New Missionaries!

We are so excited to welcome our new group 
of twelve missionaries!  

What wonderful missionaries!
Thank you for sending them!

So many smiles.
The excitement is vividly real.
We welcome them with open arms
and know they are ready to work hard and valiantly.


Loading up luggage then on our way to Duomo di Milano via metro.
This is our first opportunity to talk with people and share the gospel.
We go with copies of the Book of Mormon in hand.

Dinner at the end of the day in the mission home.




Gelato and biscotti
(with disguised 1st transfer predictions)

The next morning...
Training and "Match"!

The day's agenda is as follows:
Our anxious and eager new missionaries..

Our anxious and eager great trainers...

New missionaries singing a song by Anziano Taylors father.

Introducing - Anziano Linguini.
An "A-Mazing Milano Missionary"!

the Match...
Welcome Anziano Brady
Trainer - Anziano Heidemann
 Serving in Pisa

Welcome Sorella Anderson
Trainer - Sorella Spencer
Serving in Treviso

Welcome Anziano Conrad
Trainer - Anziano Elliott
Serving in Alessandria

Welcome Sorella Gray
Trainer - Sorella  Haismann
Serving in Torino

 Welcome Anziano Robison
Trainer - Anziano Albright
Serving in Vercelli

Welcome Sorella Fish
Trainer - Sorella Dominguez
Serving in Cimiano MI

 Welcome Anziano Taylor
Trainer - Anziano Downs
Serving with Trento

 Welcome Sorella Newman
Trainer - Sorella Stepherson
Serving in Ravenna

Welcome Sorella Norton
Trainer - Sorella Smith
Serving in Collegno

 Welcome Sorella Auger
Trainer - Sorella Trevor
Serving in Modena

Welcome Anziano Kwasi
Trainer - Anziano Hibbard
Serving in Reggio Emilia

 Welcome Anziano van der Put
Trainer - Anziano Shill
Serving in Bergamo

Welcome Anziano Guglielmo
Trainer - Anziano Davidson
Serving in Cuneo
This is a very strong group!
They are already 100% missionaries.

Welcome to the Italy Milan Mission
We are grateful you have come.

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