16 January, 2019

New Missionary Training

What a great day!
It is always good to gather,
but after 4-5 weeks of being a new missionary
it is especially wonderful to see
former comrades from the MTC.
We talk about the challenges of being a missionary,
a companion, and a disciple representing Jesus Christ.
So many new things...
language, scenery, people, light switches, grocery shopping,
round-a-bouts, buss, train and metro travel, hard floors, 
getting up at 6:30, talking to strangers etc...
walk and walk,
study, study, study
pray, pray, pray.


are happy and blessed to be here.

This newest (much more settled in) new group
 are doing great!
Siamo tutti contenti!

 Stretch - learn - grow - smile - repeat

 Sorelle - Maddison, Pereyra, Bodily, Petersen, Ashcraft, Panah, Mason, (Slla Allen) Torgeson, Ringo, Alla-Jaaski, Messina, Dean, Wengert, Santoro
Anziani - Larsen, Bass, Haws, Dalton, (Pres Allen) Ariane, Hulbert, Paskett, Haggen

What a wonderful group!

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