15 March, 2019


Our great
Mission Leadership Council

Some of the best this mission has to offer.
I say "some"
because there are even more great missionaries than this picture can hold.
We marvel at their faith, strength, efforts and example.
They are "marvel-ous"!  

 STL's - Nelson, Simpson, Henderson, Bodily, Parker, Slla Allen, Snow, Delle Foglie, Devonas, Frandsen, Button
Halterman (AP) Wilks, Ruger, Haws, Russbuelt (AP) O'Riordan, Cako, Ariante, Pres. Allen, Favro, McKinstry, Welch, Wright, Ross, Nordgran, Tenney, Abplanalp

The agenda:

We are unified in our service here.
We are a mission family
and we honor, respect and support each other.
La bella vita!!

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