11 April, 2019

New Missionary Training - April

There will be a few obvious differences in
this New Missionary Training post...
for one...
I wasn't there.
A cold kept me home,
but I wasn't worried...
between President Allen and our great Assistants
the day went quite smoothly
and they even remembered to have a group picture taken.

This is a GREAT group
and we're so very glad to serve with them.
Thank you for your loving support.

 Sorelle - Stanton, Fisher, Tafur, Douadi, Merl, Schmidt, Blomquist, Anderson, Zhonga, DeAngelis
Anziani - Hopkins, Harrison, Lombardi, Radandt, Schow, Wickizer, Pres. Allen, Shepherd, Robertson, Buckner, Duffy, Nelson, Ochs

 I'm sure you're wondering what music was being played...
None at all!
This was an activity with an emphasis on working together and equally as missionaries.
We have not been sent to do the Lord's work alone.
We are sent to use our talents and creative skills
-in conjunction with the Holy Ghost and our testimonies-
to bring this Italian part of the world "His Truth".
Who wouldn't want to hear?

What a blessed mission we are!

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