31 May, 2019

Farewell to Great Missionaries!

Some things become easier as they go along...
some things only get harder...

Our last group to send home was every bit as tough
(and even a bit tougher)
as our previous 23 groups.
Again - a strong group of missionaries!
We have been blessed by these associations
as they have done what they came to do...
to preach repentance and baptize converts into
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Their final testimonies were tender.
Saying good-bye was tender.
Walking away from the airport seemed so very hard.

 L-R, Front to Back
Pres & Slla Allen, Sorelle Flores, Dominguez, Merl, Simpson, Miller, DeAngelis, Anderson, Tafur
Anziani - Favro, Halterman, Tenney, Shill, Heidemann, Ochs, Ruger, Parkett, Ewell

We're next.
What an incredible experience this has been.

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