04 June, 2019

Consiglio - Mission Leadership Training

It never ceases to amaze me....

There is, apparently, a never-ending wellspring of 
light and goodness
in those who come here to serve.
When we are with the missionaries
we have felt like sunbathers
on a tropical beach 
soaking in the suns rays...

Always a warmth
that brings smiles of gratitude to our faces.
We soak it in.

Sorelle - Ashcraft, Drent, DelleFoglie, Stephenson, (Slla Allen) Smith, Mason, Spencer, Bodily
Anziani - McKinstry, Ariante, Welch, Wilks, Haws, Cako, Albright, Elliott, (Pres Allen) Buckner, Wickizer, O'Riordan, Nordgran, Cahoon, Downs, Abplanalp, Elwood

They are amazing!
The mission is in good hands.

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