06 July, 2019

Primo giorno: New Mission President and Wife
Presidente and Sorella Browning have arrived!

 This has been an amazing week one!  We were greeted by Presidente and Sorella Allen on Saturday June 29th.  It was a joyful reunion and a sweet and tender exchange.  We are so grateful to be left in good hands in the great Milan Mission!

Meet Presidente & Sorella Browning - Mission Tour

The Assistants worked so hard, thinking of every detail as we traveled through the mission.  It was great to be chauffeured in our cherry red mission van - "Ruby".  

It was such a JOY to meet all of the wonderful missionaries.  We are so excited to work and serve with each one of them.  They prepared music and gifts in each zone.  We felt so loved and welcomed.  They are bright and vibrant and great!

Day 1 - July 2, 2019
Milano Ovest and Est

Milano Est
Front: Sor Blomquist, Cardosa, Torgesen, Caroca, Pres and Sor Browning, Norton, Fish, Cooper, Panah
Middle: Anz Buckner, Wilks, Guglielmo, Davey, Schow, Work
Back: Anz and Sor Russo, Bailey, Lombardi, Anz and Sor Roper

Front: Sor Sharp, Zesiger, Stirling, Pres and Sor Browning, Douadi, Delle Foglie, Stepherson
Middle: Sor Schmidt, Pereyra, Anz Elliott, Albright, Escalante, Ríos
Back: Anz Haws, Fry, Brow, Ross, Radandt, Bass, Conrad, Nordgran

Artist on card Sor Sharp

Musical Number: Anz Escalante, Sor Fish, Sor Norton singing "I Need Thee Every Hour"
accompanied by Anz Lombardi at the piano

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