08 July, 2019

Alessandria Ward

We would like to share a neat experience we had yesterday evening. Yesterday, Victor and Betty, a family who has been waiting and wanting to be baptized for 2 years now, were baptized. It was so special seeing them walk into the church dressed in white. Being taught for two years means this family has seen and met with many amazing missionaries, many of whom are still serving. We know that this is a wonderful example about what Anziano Uchtdorf taught us this past mission conference. That every accomplishment, is a victory for all missionaries. Sweet Betty had the same reaction coming up out of the water as she did today when she received the gift of the Holy Ghost. She put her hands to her mouth like she couldn't believe that what she had been waiting for had happened. During his testimony, which took a lot of courage for him to give, Victor  expressed appreciation for what this gospel has, and will do for his family. He said, as a father, he knows his baby daughter, Michelle, will have a better life because of their baptism. Seems like a fathers first concern is for his family. Just like our father above.

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