28 May, 2013

The Office

The work of the Milano Italy missionaries grows with each passing week. There are 124 anziani and 54 sorelle. That number is expected to increase over the summer. The missionaries share the gospel in northern Italy with more than half of the 60.72 million Italian residents. Italy supports 100 congregations with about 25,000 members.

The boundaries of the mission stretch from areas South of Sienna and Ancona to the northern borders of Italy and the Ticino Province of Switzerland, which speaks Italian.
One mission office coordinates missionary endeavors. The office is located in Opera, a small attractive town outside of Milan. The English translation of Opera is work.

The staff:
• Obtain permessi and renewals
• Organize trainings and events
• Keep records
• Facilitate missionary projects

• Liaison with families, church and governments
• Obtain, furnish, and maintain apartments
• Organize and distribute supplies
• Arranges travel
• Manage finances
• Provide telephones
• Support personal missionary needs
• Create and communicate reports
• Sort and deliver communications
• Teach and encourage
• Help members and leaders
• Provide media correspondence

The office consists of a conference room, kitchen, four offices and a stock room that supports missionaries with pamphlets and scriptures of many languages. The Church has published the Book of Mormon in 82 languages.

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