26 June, 2013

June Arrivals

A late plane tested new missionaries' flexibility skills. Due to missing connections, the arrivals landed in Milano Italy in the middle of the night. They ate a pizza dinner and retired as quickly as possible. Early Thursday, the  tired but eager missionaries met in a Milano Chapel for orientation and assignments.
The Mission President and his wife welcomed the new missionaries both at the airport and chapel.
Sorella and President Wolfgramm taught the new Anziani and Sorelle about G.E.M.s which stands for Grow Every Missionary.
He also asked an experienced missionary to demonstrate how sharing a skill could bless the lives of others.
The President's assistants organized the meeting of singing, laughing and waiting for an introduction to the trainer companions.
Excitement buzzed.
The trainers lined the room prepared to share a miracle and describe their cities and wards. Trainers announced their new companions, shared hugs and posed for pictures.
After a closing hymn and a large lunch, new missionaries traveled to their first cities.

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