02 March, 2016

February Fresh and Furloughed

February brought fifteen fresh new faces to the Italy Milan Mission. Seventeen missionaries were released from their full-time missionary service.  Included in that number were one new senior couple and one departing senior couple.  Our first two missionaries were from the Spain MTC on March 2, 2016.  The other eleven came the next day from the Provo MTC.  The new senior couple arrived a couple of days before the young missionaries and the departing senior couple left on February 25th. The young departing missionaries flew away on February 5th. 
We look forward to serving together in Northern Italy with these outstanding new missionaries as they each have made a wonderful impression on our mission already.

Our darling Sorelle from the Spain MTC

One is from Italy and the other from Columbia

And here come the missionaries from the Provo MTC

Then we go out of the airport with the Assistants to the President happily leading the way

Once outside the airport we park the luggage with an office Anziani watching the bags

President spending a moment talking about leaving their "drag" behind

and soaring to new heights as a missionary for Christ

Italy Milan Mission Class of February 2013

Excited to begin preaching repentance and baptizing converts in Northern Italy
Then we take a short  walk out to the vans and cars

To load our luggage and head for the mission offices

Included in the group are our two Sorelle from the spain MTC

After lunch we begin proselyting in the mezzi on our way to downtown Milan

The Sorelle come up out of the subway

to see the largest Duomo in Milan

And we capture a photo of this first day experience

It was quite a rainy day, but the Sorelle were all smiles

They continued to find and talk to people while returning to the mission offices

Then it was the Anziani's turn

Another memorable photo of a first day in Milan

The new missionaries waiting to meet their trainers

The trainers turning to see the new missionaries come into the chapel at Cimiano Ward Building

President Dibb giving some training

The new missionaries standing to recite "Our Purpose" in Italian

The training missionaries standing to recite Doctrine and Covenants Section 4

The trainer tells a little about his city 

And then the person being trained is announced

Two outstanding Assistants to President Dibb

The Italy Milan Mission departing class of February 2016
On February 5, 2016, the departing missionaries come to the mission offices for their last interview, preparations for travel, dinner and a testimony meeting.  What a special experience this is to see the spiritual growth in these beautiful souls!

A couple of the departing missionaries with President Dibb at the Mission Home

We are delighted to welcome a new couple to the Mission Office

Anziano and Sorella Hoopes

We were sad to say goodbye to a couple serving with YSA (GANS) and Pathway in Toscana, Anziano and Sorella Hyde
A few weeks after the new missionaries arrive we again meet with them and their companions for specialized training for new missionaries.  We did this in two locations - Milano Cimiano and Firenze on February 18th and February 28th.  It is quite an adjustment, but these sharp missionaries learn quickly when aided by great trainers.

At Cimiano, the new missionaries with their trainers
At Firenze, the new missionaries with their trainers and the Ferrara Senior Couple who are new to Firenze
We thank missionaries around the world for their dedicated service and express much appreciation for all, especially, who have served in Northern Italy!  What a joy it is to share and testify of  the doctrine of Jesus Christ through obedience to His full-time missionary plan.  Thank you for your continued support and prayers for the Italy Milan Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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