24 June, 2016

Jumping for Joy in June

June was a month of exquisite joy in the mission.  We received two missionaries and nineteen finished their service of eighteen months to two years, serving full-time for our Heavenly Father teaching the doctrine of Jesus Christ.  
Also, zone trainings were held in each zone where finding techniques were shared and working with members was re-emphasized.  We were challenged to make June a month of preparation in finding new people to teach.  We are ending the month with a week of consecration to dedicate ourselves again and find those things we can improve in our missionary service.  Again we experienced the testimonies and wisdom of those missionaries who are departing in July.

Our two new missionaries - June 1, 2016

Match-ups at the airport with their trainers

Dinner that afternoon with the Assistants to the President

Getting to know this new companionship

The office clerk is busy at transfer time

As well as the office secretary

The new Sorella with her companion and Presidente and Sorella Dibb

Our newest Anziano and his companion

On June 21, 2016, the new missionaries and their companions are brought together again for New Missionary Training

The Assistants training the new missionaries

Departing Missionaries - June 2, 2016

Another picture with President and Sister Dibb as part of the departing class of June 2016

Presidente and Sorella Dibb with a departing Anziano who was an Assistant to the President

Dinner with the departing missionaries

And the other side of the table

A departing Sorella pointing out her areas of service to her parents as they arrive to pick her up
Consiglio was held June 6, 2016, at the Lampugnano church building.  We had a special guest, Sorella Dal Zotto, who helped us to find "Family Tree" on our iPads and do some basic things regarding family history work to use in finding and in working with new members to take an ancestor to the temple.  We also shared other ways to find, reported our stewarships, shared testimony and introduced new members of the Council.  

Sorella Dal Zotto with Presidente and Sorella Dibb

A couple of Sister Training Leaders doing true life "role-play calling potentials on the telephone

Missionaries doing a role-play of strada

Consiglio (Mission Leadership Council) consisting of Sister Training Leaders, Zone Leaders, the Assistants to the President and President and Sorella Dibb - June 6, 2016

A celebratory lunch for a faithful Sorella who works at the mission home and office - June 7, 2016

This beautiful cake was made for Sorella  Cano by Sorella Hoopes
Zone Training was held in nine locations from June 9th to June 17th.  Thank you to the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders who conducted and instructed at these meetings.

Torino Zone at the Torino 1 Building - June 9, 2016

Missionaries in the Mestre Zone singing an original farewell song written by Anziano Rust for President and Sister Dibb

The Padova Area of the Mestre Zone at the Mestre Church Building - June 10, 2016

Sister Training Leaders doing a "real-life role play" at the Bologna Church

Rimini Zone at the Bologna Church Building - June 10, 2016

Padova Area of the Mestre Zone at the Bologna Church Building- June 10, 2016

Milano Ovest Zone at the Lampugnano Church Building - June 13, 2016

Milano Est Zone at the Cimiano Church Building- June 13, 2016

Doing "role play" in Verona

Zone Leaders instructing at Zone Training

Verona Zone (Verona and Brescia Areas) at the Verona Church Building - June 14, 2016

Senior couple making calls during "real-life role play" in Genova

And more missionaries 

making calls 

for appointments

in Genova

Genova Zone in the Genova church building - June 16, 2016

President and Sister Dibb with one of our Zone Leaders in Genova

What would we do without our missionaries' technical expertise?

Pisa Area of the Toscana Zone at the Pisa Church Building - June 17, 2016

Firenze Area of the Toscana Zone at the Firenze church building - June 17, 2016

We have truly been jumping for the joy of missionaries, the joy of service, the joy of the Savior and His Atonement, the joy of testimony, the joy of baptism, and the joy of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Italy in June.


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