05 June, 2016

Miracles in May

Miracles were shared in May at Zone Conferences held across the mission.  Plans for Zone Conferences were confirmed at Conseglio along with the regular reporting of stewardships.  Driver training and car inspections occur at Conseglio and we thank the Salatino Coppia for a delicious and nutritious lunch.
Zone Conferences were held in nine locations across the mission beginning on May 5th and ending on May 20th.  Zone Conferences began with President Dibb teaching the missionary purpose from scriptures in the Doctrine and Covenants.  Sorella Dibb led a discussion about more fully coming to an understanding of teaching people and not just lessons.  President Dibb then invited the new missionaries to share their testimonies and taught using the Robles Family video in working with members.  A video was then shown of the baptisms and missionary activities of the preceding quarter.  Lunch was provided at each conference by the Senior Couples of the mission and birthdays for June, July and August were recognized during lunch time.  The afternoon brought a special musical number in each zone and then the Sister Training Leaders taught a segment on "Teaching Repentance and Baptizing Converts."  President Dibb and the zone leaders then introduced some "role plays" for working with members and some great ideas were shared among the missionaries.  Testimonies from the departing missionaries are always a fitting closing and a great spiritual experience at zone meetings. 

Our May miracles began with mission council in Milano.

Sister Training Leaders - May 2, 2016

Zone Leaders and Assistants to the President - May 2, 2016

Birthday recognition in Verona

Special musical number in Verona

Verona Zone - May 5, 2016

De Angelis coppia thank you for lunch!

Lunch in Torino

Birthday recognition in Torino

Birthday recognition in Milano Est

Special musical number in Milano Est

Milano Est Zone - May 10, 2016

Role play introduction with Zone Leaders - Genova

Birthday recognition - Genova

Genova Zone - May 12, 2016

Birthday recognition  - Milan Ovest

Milano Ovest Zone - May 13, 2016

Special musical number - Milan Ovest

Special musical number - Firenze

Role playing in Firenze

Firenze Zone - May 16, 2016

Birthday recognition in Rimini

Special musical number in Rimini

Role playing in Rimini

Rimini Zone - May 17, 2016

Practicing for musical number in Vicenza

Anziano and Sorella Larsen preparing for lunch in Vicenza

Birthday recognition in Vicenza

Padova Area of the Venezia Zone at the Vicenza Church - May 19, 2016

Birthday recognition in Pordenone

Lunch in Pordenone

Special musical number in Pordenone

Mestre Area of the Venezia Zone at the Pordenone Church Building  - May 20, 2016
A special time of Zone Conferences where we learned better to "Teach Repentance and Baptize Converts."  Zone Leaders, Sister Training Leaders, Senior Couples made it a May of miracles to remember with the zone.  Thanks to all!

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