30 August, 2017

Our New Missionaries and Trainers

After four weeks of full-on missionary work
we bring the new missionaries 
and their trainers back for more.  
This time their eyes are wide open and they are settled
and comfortable in this new life they have chosen.
What IS this life?

Obedience.  Sacrifice.  Overcoming fears.  Loving.  
Smiling.... even when you don't feel like smiling.
Working.... even when you don't feel like working.
Serving.... even when you feel inadequate.
They have two over-arching goals:  
1 - To bring others to Christ.
2 - To become like Him themselves.

They patiently and diligently learn to do it all in a foreign language 
as Italian becomes the language of their prayers and testimonies.

They are happy and loving this work.
(For work it is. The best work.)

We are grateful to have them here.

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