30 August, 2017

Assistants to the President

These are the assistants called by President Allen 
during our first year of service in Italy.
It is a rare opportunity to have them all together for a photo.
Anziano (Luca) Santoro in the yellow tie had already completed his 
mission and was visiting during this time.
Anziano Pyper (center) was leaving to go home in the morning.

I would like to express our appreciation for the great work they do,
not only for us, but for ALL the missionaries.
It is their "job" to assist in any way needed
and they go above and beyond what is asked of them.
Thank you Anziani!  We love and appreciate you!
Well done!

 Anziani:  Keller, Da Ponte, Brookes, Piper, and Santoro

Missing from this rare photo opportunity are our "trainer assistants"
Anziani Pesce and Barragan.
They were invaluable in helping to keep the mission "boat"
afloat while we learned what was needed and important.
I wish I had a proper picture of them both.
We have their service forever etched on our hearts.

We have been grateful to serve with all 7 great, dedicated men.
Thank you!

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