08 September, 2017

New Missionaries!! September 6 & 7

This was a transfer to remember! 

We are forever grateful for the safe arrival of all 20 new missionaries!
Due to travel disruptions caused by weather and mechanical issues 
our missionaries were reshuffled onto several different planes.
(Big "thank you" to those who arranged their travel!)

Our "arrival day" was split into 5 different trips to the airport,
not counting the arrival of our two Italian Sorelle from the Spain MTC
which we picked up the day prior.
In a departure from our usual format, I would like to take you through our day
in basic order of events...

First - Our Sorelle from Bari, Italy.
Tuesday arrival...

 Sorella Cafagno, President and Sorella Allen, Sorella Santoro
Great Sorelle!  (...AND they speak Italian perfectly!)

New arrivals begin on Wednesday.
First to arrive...

 Sorella Epps.

Next group...
 Anziano Bona
 Anziano Gomez
 Anziano Haws
 Anziano Dunn
 Anziano Eusebi
First three group together.

Next arrival.... "group" number four.
Anziano Wilks.

Our first 9 enjoy a great day sharing the Gospel at Duomo.

Arrival number five.

Sorella Pacheco

Our final, and sixth, group.

Sorella McConkie
Sorella Johnson
Anziano Welch
Sorella Larson
Sorella Nelson
Sorella Mitchell
Anziano Kjar
Anziano Ross and Lombardi
Anziano Thomas

We had a long day of "gathering"
but we are so very grateful they are officially here.
Tomorrow we train and match them with their first companion.

We are ready to "harvest"

Hymn #94
Come, ye thankful people, come;
Raise the song of harvest home.
All are safely gathered in
Ere the winter storms begin.
God, our Maker, doth provide
For our wants to be supplied.
Come to God's own "vineyard", come;
Raise the song of harvest home.

Welcome missionaries!

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