03 September, 2017

Mission Couples Dolomite Adventure

The Hymn
"Because I Have Been Given Much"
could be the theme song of every missionary couple.
Their testimonies ring strong and vibrant
even though we sometimes find ourselves breathing a little heavily
after a long, steep mountain climb.

Our gathering took us to the Dolomite Mountain Range in Bolzano.
We enjoyed delicious Bavarian meals,
the 12th century Trostburg Castile,
a tour of the Deur Woodcarving Company
and a tram ride up the grand Dolomites themselves.

Front row:  Slle Koch, Slle Griffiths, Slle Allen
Second row:  Slle Salatino, Slle Okimoto
Third row:  Slle Shucker, Slle Hall

President Allen, Anz Griffiths, Anz Salatino, Anz Koch, Anz Hall
Anz, Okimoto, Anz Shumaker

It was a wonderful day!
Weather threatened at every corner but cooperated
thanks to some well-placed prayers.

As our couples serve the wards, branches and missionaries
in their assigned areas, we know they are blessed.
We certainly know this mission is blessed because
they have chosen to serve!

Mosiah 18:27-29
"...and they did walk uprightly before God,
imparting to one another both temporally and spiritually
according to their needs and their wants."

*Special thanks for Anziano and Slle Koch
for arranging this "most excellent adventure".
It was delightful.

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