04 January, 2018

New Missionary Training

I could begin each blog entry with 
"Time Flies on Wings of Lightening"
We brought the new missionaries and companions
 in to Milan for re-training.  
There are important things for them to learn that
might not be remembered from that first, bleary-eyed meeting.
It is posible the most important aspect of this time
is simply time together...
... to be reunited with their "batch mates" from the MTC.
It was a happy, Spirit-filled day!
New missionaries and trainers.
Smiling, happy, speaking Italian.


Activities are a great way to teach many things.
The Anziani created a "sit-circle" that involved following
directions and believing in each other.
We also learned that together we can accomplish anything.
Many suggestions of lessons learned were offered.

The Sorelle joined us on the next activity of the
"tangled circle".
We held random hands and the task was to
unfold ourselves without letting go.
Among some things we learned:
There isn't anything we can't accomplish if we all stay focused
and involved in the task at hand.
There is always a solution.
Time and patience and creative thinking
is a solution.  With the added blessing of prayer
and obedience.  There is nothing that cannot be accomplished!

We did not have time to completely untangle the Sorelle
but they stayed on task and would have succeeded if time had allowed.
We find joy in our labors.

I want you to also know - we don't let go of our missionaries.
We treasure each one of them.

We end with the importance of being obedient and then
remind them of the great reason why...

There is no greater reason why.

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