16 April, 2018

Mission Leadership Council - April

It was a great Consiglio!
(Mission Leadership council)
We trained and counseled about things
that are important to the mission.

Missions are living, breathing "animals".
They are either moving forwards or backwards.
There is no such thing as
still, resting, pause.

We constantly strive to move forward.
There is no other acceptable way to go.
If we slip backwards in some way
 we simply correct course
and move forward again.

We count on these leaders to
hold the lantern
(and mission standards)
To help their fellow missionaries
to do what we came to do - 
Preach repentance and baptize converts. 

Sister Trainer Leaders -
Bowthorpe, Mitchell, Henderson, Dawson, Berrey, (Slla. Allen) Santoro, Pope, Evans,
Henson, Mineer

Zone Leaders -
Gilette, Kewene-Hite, Petersen, Johnson, Haws, Ross, Sanchez Di Bella, Gleave, Stratton, Gould, (Pres. Allen) Laudert, Crowther,  Calton, Dalton (AP), Montalto (AP), Baker, Challis, Johnson, Wagstaff, Workman

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