24 September, 2018

Consiglio - 2018

Is there truly a never-ending supply of amazing missionaries?
As I look at this picture I realize again the gospel must be true.
There is no way such great young people 
would come all the way to Italy
at their own expense
to share something they didn't believe in.
Their desire to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ is paramount.
Their efforts to lead sincere.
Their goodness apparent.
We are blessed.

Sorelle - Stolk, Williams, Johnson, McConkie, Dominguez, Reeder, Merl, (Slla Allen) Epps, 
Pearson, Dean, Boome, Button, Tafur, Walker
Anziani - Kjar (AP) Haws, Wilson, Christensen, Laudert (AP) Rogers, Heidemann, Van Natta, 
(Pres Allen) Christensen, Moss, McCuen, Moss, Halterman, Wilks, Moody

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