23 September, 2018

Outgoing Missionaries - September 2018

It hurts to say good-bye.

One thing that helps salve the inevitable departure is knowing
there are so many others looking forward to seeing them the next day.
We taught them, guided them, assisted them in their individual challenges, 
and, especially, cheered them on.
We also loved them to pieces!
Thank you for supporting them in this challenging call
to serve the Lord Jesus Christ,
by sharing them with the people of Italy
and us.

It was certainly our pleasure to serve with them.

We wish you could have heard their closing testimonies.
You would be proud.
They know who they are "working for".

President and Sorella Allen, Sorelle Mays Henson, Berrey
Anziani Douglas, Wood, Jackson, Baker, Workman, Walker
Bowden, Montalto, Nogues, Blom, Cutrignelli, Marte, Hendry, Austin

~Ci Vediamo~
 (Take good care of them)

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