24 October, 2018

Safe and Sound - New Senior and Junior Missionaries.

new missionaries arrive!
Different heights, sizes, hair and eye colors...
but the same desire
to be the best missionary they can be.
We will assist them in this quest.
The Lord will also

"Ask, and ye shall receive;
knock, and it shall be opened unto you.
D&C 4:7

And so their mission begins.

We first introduce our Senior Couple
Anziano and Sorella Thorstom from Utah.
They will serve in the military ward in Vicenza.

This is really Italy. 

The next day we welcome Sorella Hollander.
We were sorry she had to travel alone and miss the
traditional events, but she is here!

Moms, Dads and family members of all kinds...
Thank you for sending your wonderful sons and daughters!
We are grateful to have them here.
They'll be amazing missionaries!

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