24 October, 2018

The Match

The most exciting part of arriving in Italy
is finding out where they will serve
and with whom.  
They should be very happy.
These are great trainers.

Welcome Aziano Cole
Serving in Genova
Trainer - Anziano Christensen

 Welcome Anziano Work
Serving in Torino
Trainer - Anziano McCuen

Welcome Sorella Morris
Serving in Lodi
Trainer - Sorella Henderson

 Welcome Anziano Judkins
Serving in Cimiano (MI)
Trainer - Anziano Escalante

 Welcome Anziano Bailey
Serving in Torino
Trainer - Anziano Lombardi

Welcome Anziano Casper
Serving in Piacenza
Trainer - Anziano Ross

 Welcome Sorella Carlson
Serving in Ravenna
Trainer - Sorella Flores

Welcome Sorella Wright
Serving in Livorno
Trainer - Sorella Mitchell

Welcome Sorella Southard
Serving in Montevarchi
Trainer - Sorella Cheney

 Welcome Anziano Harris
Serving in Udine
Trainer - Anziano McKinstry

Welcome Anziano Eden
Serving in La Spezia
Trainer - Anziano Wright

Welcome Sorella Hollander
Serving in Modena
Trainer - Sorella Dawson

We have some great missionaries!
Siamo Grati!

They are safe and sound.
And will learn how to
"forget themselves and go to work"

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