27 November, 2018

Mission Tour With Anziano and Sorella Tunniclife

We had wonderful days with
Elder and Sister Tunnicliffe for our mission tour.
We enjoyed full and fulfilling meetings.
It was wonderful to gather so many missionaries together.
It was also "family time".
Just right for this season.

We were edified!
It was a blessing for all.

Here is a synopsis made by our great Assistants:

A special thank-you to Anziano and Sorella Griffiths
for feeding us ALL a great lunch on these two days.
What a large task ... and SO well done!

Consiglio on day three:
~Our Zone Leaders and Sister Trainer Leaders~
Front to back - Anziano Laudert (AP), President & Sorella Allen, Elder and Sister Tunnicliffe, Anziano Kjar (AP)
STL's-  Epps, Meryl, Dominguez, Reeder, Simpson, Pearson, Petersen, Boome, Nelson, Stolk, McConkie, Johnson, Walker, Frandsen
ZL's - Halterman, Moss, Rogers, Rios, Tenney, Nordgran, Moody, Russbuelt, Heidemann, Van Natta, Wilks, Bona, Wilson, Christensen

Special thanks to the Russo Copia for preparing a delicious lunch on this day.

The following are random pictures taken during these two days.

We finished the mission tour with a dinner at the mission home.
(Pasta .. of course!)

What an enjoyable time!
Our gratitude for the Tunnicliffe's for their prayerful time and effort
on our behalf.  There were great notes taken.
Lets get to work!
PS - Being a missionary is like long jumping.
You do your best EVERY time you run to jump.
What happens after you leave the board 
depends on many things.... 
speed, strength, effort, focus, exactness on the board, and practice practice practice.
Will you win? 
And perhaps not.... but...
every time give your VERY best 
and then...
...perhaps so.

(Cameron Allen - State Long Jump Champion his Sophomore year of high school.)

Every time a jumper does his best
he wins his best done.

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