28 November, 2018

New Missionaries Smiling and Well

Isn't it wonderful?
Every transfer we receive new missionaries.
We feed them, train them, match them
with a new companion
and send them out to a beautiful part of the mission.
They are nervous. wide-eyed and SO tired!
4-5 weeks later we bring them back.
I would like to report
they are well.
They are happy, adjusting, serving....
...and still tired, but it's a good tired.

We sure love them all.

Sorelle - Flores, Carlson, Dawson, Hollander, Cheney, (Sorella Allen) Southard, Wright, Mitchell, Henderson, Morris
Anziani - Casper, Ross, McKinstry, Harris, Lombardi, Bailey, Work, (President Allen) McCuen, Christensen, Escalante, Eden, Judkins, Christensen, Cole

Aren't they wonderful?
Pictures from the day:

Pretty love-able, don't you think?
Thank you for all you do for them.

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