23 December, 2018

December Consiglio

It is time for our last Consiglio of the year.
Where does the time go?
I doubt there are any faces below
(Excepting President and I)
that are in this leadership meeting at the first of the year.

When you consider the constant revolving door that is in every mission.... 
when you consider that this is a first opportunity 
for leadership for many...
they are quite incredible.
It is true....
"whom the Lord calls, He qualifieth".
We all certainly wouldn't want to try to do this without His help.

 STL's - Williams, Button, Reeder, Snow, Parker, Larsen, Simpson, Pearson, (Sorella Allen) Nelson, Walker, Frandsen, McConkie, Graver, Merl, Dominquez
ZL's - Rios, Cako, Christensen, Wilson, Ruger, Welch, Bona, Wilks, Moss, (Pres. Allen) Favro, VanNatta, Russbeult, Nordgran, Tenney, Abplanalp, Kjar (AP) Halterman (AP)

We finish the year with a great group.

We love them all!

~Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!~

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