19 December, 2018


Today the two great questions will be answered...
1 - who will be our first companion
2 - where will we serve...

Excitement and anticipation mounts
Drumroll please.....

Welcome Sorella Wengert
Companion - Sorella Santoro
Serving in Bergamo

Welcome Sorella Pereyra
Trainer - Sorella Bodily
Serving in Lampugnano

Welcome Sorella Panah
Trainer - Sorella Ashcraft
Serving in Piacenza

Welcome Anziano Larsen
Trainer - Anziano Ariante
Serving in Trieste

Welcome Anziano Hulbert
Trainer - Anziano Calton
Serving in Ancona

Welcome Anziano Haggen
Trainer - Anziano Paskett
Serving in Rimini

 Training and lunch

They are off to their first areas!
These are great trainers.
Also - these are great new missionaries.
It will be a great experience for them all!

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