09 December, 2018

Zone Conferences - Milano Est and Ovest

Second week of conferences
is a big one.
Let's begin with two great zones
Milano Est and Ovest.

~Milano Est~
 Back to front - President and Sorella Allen
Row 4- Ross, Casper, Abplanalp, Bowden, Bona (ZL)
Row 3-Gillett, Favro, Ochs, Ruiz, Hubbard, Wilson (ZL)
Row 2 - Askcraft, Stanton, Henderson, Morris, Judkins, Escalante
Row 1 - Pacheco, De Angelis, Stepherson, Mason, Merl (STL) Epps (STL)

~Milano Ovest~
 Back to front - Pres and Sorella Allen, Anz and Sorella Russo
Row 4 - Kjar (AP) Laudert (AP) Bodily, Button, Cahoon, O'Riordan
Row 3 - Walker (STL) Frandsen (STL) Devonal, Tafur, Harrison, Eusebi
Row 2 - Argon, Wickizer, Llerena, Nordgran (ZL) Moody (ZL)
Row 1 - Larsen, Dean, Delle Foglie, Johnson, Sharp

Random pictures of the day....

The agenda for the day.

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