01 December, 2018

Zone Conferences - Verona & Venezia

Time with each zone
is always wonderful!  
They love to gather, visit and learn.
There is much for us to consider and growth to be made.
Thanks to all who contributed
to the teaching, music and spirit 
of these meetings.

~Verona Zone~
Nov 29, 2018
Anziani - Rios, Allbright, Cako, Haws, Buckner, (Pres. Allen) Hepner, Fry, Humble, Cedeno, Neilsen
Sorelle - Parker, Petersen, Santoro, Snow, (Sor. Allen) Williams, Boome, Roterer, Nelson, Neilsen

(This is the agenda for the Verona Zone - not Bologna.)

~Venezia Zone~
November 30, 2018
Anziani - Thorstrom, Hackanson, Reynolds, Brase, Ariante, McInstry, Harris, Van Natta - ZL (Pres. Allen) Russbuelt - ZL, Weight, Goold, Parke, Melchin, Higham, Landon, Keefer
Sorelle - Throstrom, Trevor, Ringo, Johnson, - STL (Sorella Allen) McConkie - STL, Graver, Drent, Keefer

Agenda for the day:

Pictures of the day:

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